The Journey! Leather Conference #TJLC2020

Press Release!

With great sadness and reluctance, the Board of Directors of Sunrise Educational Events Development Services Inc. has resolved not to host The Journey! Leather Conference in 2020

In light of this unfortunate news we will be refunding all registrations in accordance with our Event Cancellation & Refund Policy.

How this decision will be construed is out of our control. All we can do is speak truth to power without the assignment of blame against any singular person or group. 

We wanted to remain optimistic, but we must concede that we cannot provide the amazing TJLC Vision 20/20 experience that our attendees deserve, with the unprecedented level of turbulence and discord within our black kink community driven by the unrelenting punitive and retaliatory accusations in the Court of Public Opinion known as social media, by those whom we’ll simple identify as social media terrorists who have no consideration or respect for the rich history of our world.

We want The Journey! Leather Conference to survive and are still hopeful it will return, better than ever, at a future date.

Thank you,

Board of Directors
Sunrise Educational Events Development Services Inc
TJLC Vision 20/20 Staff